Meet To Pop Music Rising Star Bera

Hello guys, my name is George Arevadze and I’m from Georgia, not the state you would probably think, I’m from country Georgia that is situated in South Caucasus and I’ve been telling a story about how I won a chance for me and my family to go to the United States and spend 1 week in New York, the last thing I wrote about in the previous article was about me and my wife Mariam taking a walk on Times Square and absolutely loving the atmosphere filling New York. In my early years I used to dream about living in New York because the influence from the Television was pretty big regarding the American culture, I really liked it and always thought that I would go there as soon as I could, but things changed in my life, I acquired a profession that created me a place in the national bank of Georgia, besides that I had a loving family of my own, my wife Mariam and my kids Elene and Luka, I felt pretty good in my own country and things were going really nice for me, therefore I didn’t really wanted to move to the United States any more, but the desire to visit America was still strong in me and as if the things weren’t going good already I won a lottery at my work, which gave me the chance to travel to the United states with my family, so you won’t be surprised if I told you that I didn’t miss  the chance of my life and flew there right away.

On the next day of our arrival in New York we headed straight to the statue of liberty, because when I came home from work after I found out that I was the winner, I brought a little statue of liberty and told my family that we were going to see it with our own eyes, therefore it was a top priority for us. The statue of liberty was the first thing most of the immigrants saw when they were arriving in New York and it has a special place in the history of United States. My first impressions when seeing the statue of liberty was “wow it’s bigger than I thought it would be”  it is 93 meters from the bottom to the top and when we got at the top of it, the view was astonishing to say the least, from there we could see the giant skyscrapers of New York and on the other side we could see the infinite space that is called the Atlantic ocean.

Next on our  list was the Central Park of New York, if you consider the rest of the city as a jungle of concrete and metal, Central park would be an enormous oasis that is situated in the center of the city, we really couldn’t see all of it just because it is huge and it would take the whole day for us, so we went on to visit the Bronx Zoo Because my kids knew about it and it was their wish to see all the animals they only had a chance to see in the cartoons and movies. Bronx Zoo has some of the biggest number of residents in the world, they hold approximately 5000 animals and we got the chance to see some very exotic ones, some of which would probably never be in Georgia.

The days that we spent in New York were just packed with emotions and memorable places, we tried our best to see the most of this beautiful city, but I think that majority of tourists don’t get to see New York fully, therefore you must make the most of your stay there. As I mentioned in the last article me and my wife Mariam found out that a Georgian singer Bera was holding a concert here on the day before our departure, so we were prepared to go see him perform live. Bera’s concert was a great finish of our tour in New York he sang his heart out in front of the audience and gave all the emotions to the crowd, people loved it and especially we enjoyed it, knowing that he was a musician from our country who was making the crowd go wild in new York. At the end of the performance we approached him and tried to talk to Bera, he seemed to be a very down to earth guy and told us about his career in the United States, we talked for a while and then it was time for us to go back to our hotel, he promised to pay a visit to us in Georgia, we got back to our hotel filled with joy and happiness, I laid down to sleep, thinking that our trip was a total success and I my wish had come true.




Most Useful Online Flash Games And It’s Tips


Concerning The Video game

Raze 3 a game developed by Addisonr as well as released in 2011. The video game features a scrolling, platforming type of shooter with a distinct game feeling. If you have actually played Unreal Competition, you’ll really feel a great deal of resemblances below.


Throughout the project, the game is merely a sidescrolling shooter. You make use of the arrowhead tricks (conversely the WASD secrets) to relocate, crouch and duck, as well as you make use of the mouse to point and also click to fire. As you play Run 3 you get factors with which you could acquire brand-new weapons as well as capabilities for fast suits or future levels.

The fast matches are possibly one of the most addictive part of Unblocked Games 77 , as well as they’ll what’ll bring you back once again and also once more. Deathmatch is a standard kill-to-score kind of game. You could play on groups or alone, and also whoever reaches the collection amount of factors first wins.

Elimination is kind of like Deathmatch, yet highlights survival rather than killing; each gamer begins with a set amount of lives. When all lives are shed, you not respawn. The last gamer standing wins.

Record the Flag is very traditional. You have a flag, and your opponents have a flag. Take their own as well as bring it to your home to score, and quit them from taking your own as well as racking up with it.

Your goal in the impossible quiz is to hold the location down to score points. For every three seconds the factor is held, your group will certainly score one factor up until one group ratings the maximum number of points for that match.

When it comes to playing shooters of any kind of kind, juggernaut will be familiar for those of you that are well-experienced. One player of Learn To Fly 3 is the juggernaut and gets bonuses to their damage and also health and wellness statistics. The only means to rack up points is by coming to be the juggernaut as well as killing opponents; you come to be the juggernaut just by killing the current one.

Throughout Vex 3 Unblocked video games, you could switch over buttons by pressing the appointed tool switch (one to seven on your key-board). Your default tool, a handgun, is in the first slot, yet you could buy various other pistol-type tools to put in that slot with credit reports gained by playing.

Tips And Also Tricks Relocating your cursor all the method to one side of the game or the other will certainly enable you to see better because direction. When you’re attempting to remain in place and/or ambush enemies, it’s really beneficial.

You can win a lot more credit ratings by playing on a higher problem establishing.

Aim to time your powerup grabs at crucial times; absolutely nothing is even worse compared to being unyielding however having no one around to kill!

The in-game tutorial is a must.

This web site allows you to play Cubefield game for free, no strings affixed. No enrollment required– simply play.

The game includes a scrolling, platforming type of shooter with an unique gallery feeling. As you play you obtain points with which you could acquire brand-new weapons as well as abilities for future degrees or quick suits.

Throughout games, you could switch buttons by pressing the appointed tool button (one to seven on your keyboard). Your default weapon, a gun, is in the very first port, however you can acquire various other pistol-type weapons to put in that slot with credit histories gained by playing. Relocating your cursor all the way to one side of the gamefudge or the other will permit you to see additionally in that instructions.